Sale! 67V Relaxis crema de față 50 ML

67V Relaxis Face Cream 50 ML

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Relaxis Face Cream - Botolike
Long lasting effect
50 ml - 1.69 Fl.oz.

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° Anti-Aging
° Toning and Wrinkle Smoothing
° Lifting Effect
The main active ingredient in the Relaxis Botolike Face Cream
and Serum is a naturally occurring peptide with a marked effect
on muscle relaxation and release of neurotransmitters.
long lasting effect
A soft cream rich in natural active ingredients, that prevent and
soften expression wrinkles, promoting the relaxation of skin
muscles. The treated area relaxes, restoring beauty and harmony
to the face.
Apply a suitable amount of product the face, neck and décolleté,
massaging gently until totally absorbed.
Use daily, in the morning or at night.
For instant effect, use the Cream in combination with Relaxis
Serum 66V: the Serum in the morning and the
Cream at night.

Weight 50 ml